MAIN WORSHIP GATHERING: Sunday Mornings at 10:30 am

The Wall Youth

The Wall at 604 is a place where your kids can expect to be a part of a family.In a place where most people would expect bad things to happen we have transformed an old club's bar into a place of worship. #TheWall meets every Wednesday night at 7pm for fun, worship, fellowship, prayer and learning from God's Word. In the winter each year we create an environment through a trip where we focus on getting know each other more, where we learn a new life skill (like learning to tie a neck tie) and we spend time in God's word in small groups, alone time and in large groups. In the summer we attend Forward Conference in Duluth, GA along with 14,000 other teenagers for a time of mass celebration and learning about our Lord. We work very hard to provide intimate times of worship and learning but we also work to provide a fun, loving and healthy environment for teens to be supported in this time of development in their lives. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to #TheWall Family!