Core Values


|| Wednesdays at 6:15 PM


The Inspiration came in a sermon from Pastor John Wood on our first anniversary. Our values center around the attitude of our giving in terms of time, resources and energy. We desire to be known not for what we own, but for what we give away. We are convinced that how we give today will determine how we live tomorrow.

  • Give extravagantly, even when people call it waste or bad stewardship.

  • Give joyfully, even when others are not.

  • Give often, even when there is no immediate reward to be seen.

  • Give sacrificially, even out of your lack.

  • Give willingly, even though your flesh cries out.

  • Give exemplary, that others may see the spiritual truth, and It is more blessed to give than to received.

  • Give expectantly, we don't give to get but He has promised an abundant reward to those who sow abundantly and with the correct attitude about giving.

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