|| Wednesday nights at 6:45pm

seedroom 0-2yrs, 3yrs, Treehouse 3-5 years

 and Loft Kids Regathering 1st-5thGrade

Protocols for Phase 1 Reopening of The Loft


● Parents will pre-register children using link provided by Breeze and on Social Media.

● Children will enter through the front door of the church after being dropped off by an adult.

   Only Seed Room children can be taken to the room and picked up from the Seed Room.

● A Kids Team Member will take the temperature of each child before they enter the building at the door.

● Once temperature is checked and tag has been received, children will transition directly to the Treehouse, or Loft.


● Children will sit as a family unit at a six foot distance from other family units.

● Children will not be allowed to socialize and “free play” as they have in the past. They will need

to remain in their seats. Journals, drawing utensils, and doodling supplies are recommended as

children will need something to preoccupy their time as they wait for arrival or dismissal of


● Worship will be streamed upstairs from service in the Worship Center.

● Word and activity will be provided by Pastor Matt; however, no interactions will occur between

family units. Family units must remain together at all times.

● The activity center (room) is off limits until further notice.


● When service is over and parents will be dismissed to cars pull around on the worship center side of the building to the front door. Children will be dismissed by the family unit as parent(s) pull around to the front door from the back of the church. 

● Mrs. Debbie or another approved volunteer will call each family unit by name up to Pastor Matt

to be dismissed.

● Children will be dismissed using a staggered approach to ensure social distancing occurs

throughout the dismissal process.

● Following final dismissal, Pastor Matt will clean and disinfect Loft space and stairwell.

**Masks are required at all times. Social distancing of no less than six feet must also be maintained

and observed by children.

Please call the church office if you have any questions. 353-1650