Vision & Mission


|| Wednesdays at 6:15 PM

VISION: Win the Lost, Disciple the Found, Mend the Broken and Send the Whole.

MISSION: Like Jesus, love, inspire, nurture and celebrate people.

We believe that the greatest opportunity for a renewed sense of purpose happens within the church of Jesus Christ. The church is the greatest entity on planet earth. You have untapped potential until you tap into God. The great thing about the church is that God owns it; we simply buy into His idea of loving people and loving Him. It should never become complicated, less interlaced and more interfaced, less problematic and more straightforward. 

We thrive to help you reach your God sized mission in life by introducing you to Gods idea of your life. We build people, not churches, and believe that spiritual growth happens best in community. We’d like to help you understand your purpose and destiny as prescribed in God’s inspired word.  Jesus Christ promoted community and discipleship through out His earthly ministry and asked us to do the same. Our house is a house of healing and we have every reason to believe that your brokenness can mend and your whole person can be sent to new adventures and discoveries in Christ. We have been active in our community, impacting lives for positive change through Christ. In Isaiah 58 we were challenged with the “when” and we are now ready for the “then”.  Verse 12 says we will rebuild the old waste places, raise the foundation of many generations and be called the repairers of the breach (walls) and restorers of the streets to dwell in.

We believe we must be innovative and opportunistic. We are the 21st century church with a wealth of resources to reach the world. We believe that God owns it all and He withholds His blessings at the last place we say “no” to His agenda of loving and caring for people properly and committing to Him fully.

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