L.E.A.D. (Christ Initiatives)


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Oct. 10, 2021

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SERMON RESOURCES: Sermon notes for L.E.A.D. (Christ Initiatives) 

* Initiatives- The ability to decide what to do next and to do it without needing other people to tell you what to do.

A walk in Christ is a growth process. You are called to take the initiative after receiving Gods initiative to save you. The lack of spiritual growth in the body of Christ is the greatest travesty in the church today. We are the salt and light of the world. Commentary this week, you can be carnal and a Christian for a while but its unbiblical to be a carnal Christian for life,  * Rom. 8:2, we are freed from the law of sin and death.  The Apostle Paul had some strong words for those who did not desire spiritual growth, *1 Cor. 3:1-3, and again in Heb 5:11-14. 

If you’re not growing you’re showing. No one can hide the lack of spiritual growth and everyone who knows Jesus needs to take the initiative to be the best version of themselves in Christ, * 2 Pet. 3:18;Col. 1:10;Col. 2:6-7.


    •  It is possible to complicate following Jesus.  You can make it tough on yourself with unrealistic expectations, past guilt or shame. People in Jesus time were surrounded by religious rules. Religious leaders added thousands of rules to the 613 laws already in Mosaic Law and imposed them on others. Jesus addressed this error of trying to find righteousness in rule keeping. *Matt. 11: 29-30. “Take My yoke (teaching), learn”, easy yoke, 2 oxen, 1 direction. 
    • The kicker is, embracing Gods plan doesn’t mean you have to know Gods plan. We are often confused about Gods will and He is not the author, 1 Cor. 14:33. I tell people if you’re in Gods word and prayer, no doubt you are in His will. The simple formula is, *1 Thess. 5:16-18.
    • You are Gods man/woman, in Gods hand, with Gods plan, *Job 42:2.
    • In 2 Peter 1, Peter, who spent much time with the Lord, is writing about how God has given everything we need to be a Christian and he says, *2 Peter 1:5, “ADD”, to faith, goodness, knowledge, SC, perseverance, godliness, MA, love, antidotes to ineffectiveness. ADD, Greek word formed from another root, “choregeo”, Khor-ayg-eh-o, meaning, to direct a chorus; furnish chorus at own expense. You have to be intentional about the addition of spiritual things in your life. The beautiful reward is, * 2 Pet. 1:10.
  • DETERMINE YOUR PATH ( *L.E.A.D review at end)
    • Andy Stanley wrote in The Principle of the Path, “I've talked to many individuals who want to discuss their problems. But they don't really have problems. They have chosen to live in the wrong direction. They don't need a solution. They need a new direction.”  You become disgruntled with your path because it isn’t what you intended it to be. Andy Stanley again, “ Direction, not intention, determines our destination.” So how do we determine?   *Prov. 16:25.  You must employ, *Prov. 3:6; logic yields to theo-logic


L.E.A.D. action steps  (Christ Initiatives)

    • Read the teachings of Christ in Matt. 5-7 (Beatitudes, Golden Rule)
    • Read Jesus’ teachings to His disciples, John 14-16, His prayer, John 17. 
    • Read 1 & 2nd Peter and al 3 of John’s epistles along with the gospel of John. They give you a interpersonal view of Christ. These two men had back stage passes in some of the most revealing moments in the bible. They write in reflection at times of those moments. Learn Jesus’ way.


    • Journal the times life didn’t make sense only to make sense later. Journal your attitude in those times, (good, bad and ugly) and ask the Lord to help you live out 1 Thess. 5:16-18 if ever again life becomes a mystery. Discovering the will of God is less about things having the “right feel”, and more about what we “know” no matter how we feel. 
    • Accept the fact that if you are in word, worship and prayer you are in Gods will, (Betsy Tin Boom) “ Thank God for the fleas”. God wants you to know His will as much as you want to know his will and plan for your life. We simply become exhausted with 2nd guesses and assume too much in our own decision - making. The “perfect” opportunity, offer, person, or location is no guarantee of a disappointment free life. Embracing His plan is trusting His plan is at work at all times 
    • Even miscues are consolidated into a divine purpose, losses (David), poor decisions, (Jonah), failure (Peter) etc.


    • This one will cost you something. You are furnishing the spiritual chorus of your life at your own expense (time, discipline). You need a spiritual budget and plan for health and prosperity of your soul. The reward is a stumble free life meaning, obstacles in your path are easily mastered through the power of the Holy Spirit as you grow your faith. Be intentional about adding the steps in 2 Peter, 1:5-8. 
    • Great read; https://www.crosswalk.com/faith/bible-study/4-powerful-life-lessons-from-the-books-of-1-peter-and-2-peter.html


    • You say about your life, “ This was not my intention’s.” But which path did you choose? Paths have a destination and the path you choose takes you to the exact place it is connected to.
    • If you are on the wrong path directionally, turn around and get on the right path. The only problem you have is wrong direction.  Acknowledge, confess your ‘ways” and with that exchange know that God will direct you to the right path.



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